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Caught with His Pants Down

Johnny Depp is not the favorite actor of many because of his skills on the stage (although those exist!) or because of his good looks (he has those, too) or because of his sexual skills (there are many who would like to find out if he has those!) but because he has the ability to enjoy life. He is not afraid to laugh at himself. He’s not afraid to do something wrong. He’s not afraid of being embarrassed. He simply has fun, no matter what he does. He enjoys himself, no matter who he is with. He is filled with passion and love and exuberance that not many other human beings possess.

Ok, yes, sometimes that gets him in trouble. He gets drunk. He gets in fights. Yes, he even gets arrested sometimes. And ya, sometimes he offends someone that doesn’t appreciate his love of existing. But he’s busy experiencing stuff so who gives a fuck. Johnny Depp is willing to (and often does) get caught with his pants down because that is just part of life and he wants to experience it all. Sometimes, this is symbolic but it is literal, too. Check it out – Johnny Depp actually did get caught with his pants down on the stage!

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heath ledger naked

Gone but Not Forgotten

I have to confess that even though I wasn’t a teenager, when I saw Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You, I fell in love with him just a little big when he did his little musical number on the steps of the auditorium. With that curly hair and that impish smile (and let’s not forget that hot and hard young body) he was a lady killer. How could you not love that boy?
It is scenes like that one that keep Heath Ledger in the mind and hearts of all of his fans. He died so young and it was so tragic – but we’ll never forget him.

Of course, it is nice that you can still find some pretty hot and sexy nude shots of Heath Ledger on the Internet. It does kind of help keep the fantasies alive, doesn’t it.

The movie you might remember him from most was Brokeback Mountain. It was a very controversial movie at that time because it was about two cowboys that fall in love. Gay movies like this one don’t often go mainstream. But really, when it comes right down to it, this was a love movie and I think that it showed some real talent for Heath Ledger to play this role. The producers could have put a gay actor in the role, but Ledger’s talent speaks for itself. Oh, and if you’ve never seen the movie…there is a hot skinny dipping nude scene that no fan should miss!

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channing tatum nude

Model and Dancer Turned Actor

There is no doubt that Channing Tatum will heat up the screen every time that he appears in a movie and that’s one of the main reasons that his fans flock to the theaters whenever there is a new movie out starring this hot stud. Some of you might not know this but he started out as a model and a dancer – yes –that kind of dancer. But he also did music videos, too. In fact, he was in the very popular Ricky Martin video, She Bangs. Personally, I’d love to have seen him in front of the camera more often in that video! But he did eventually start showing up on the big screen in movies like Coach Carter, She’s The Man, and Step Up 2. If you’re up for some retro Channing Tatum you should check out Step Up 2 for some very sexy dance move. There’s no doubt that this man knows how to shake it!

And he actually proved that in 2012 when he starred in and produced the movie Magic Mike. You know what I’m talking about because if you’re a true Channing Tatum fan you’ve likely seen that movie several times now. The man seriously gets hot in this movie. And the movie is based on his experiences as a dancer in his pre-Hollywood-famous days. Interesting hey? Well, if you haven’t seen this movie you’re going to want to check it out because Channing Tatum shows all the good stuff in it. If you’ve never seen perfection all you have to do is check out Channing Tatum’s fine ass!

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brad pitt naked

He Gets Better with Age

Brad Pitt used to be the hot young thing on the movie screen but it’s been a long time since he was showing off his assets on Thelma and Louise. Fortunately, he just gets better and better with age. Not only is he incredibly hot with those sexy eyes and that chiseled body but he’s a great actor too, so watching his movies is not hard to do. When you watch a Brad Pitt movie you’ll get a great show with some awesome eye candy. Of course, the movie will be that much better if he takes off his clothing to give his fans something to drool over, and he’s not totally opposed to the idea, thankfully. He’s been known to show quite a bit of skin on the big screen in his time.

Legends of the Fall is an older movie but you will not want to miss it if you’re a true Brad Pitt fan. He’s so hot in that movie – all buff and everything – and yes, you can see him nude on the boat if you’re watching! You should also make sure to see him in Troy. Not only is that a fabulous movie but you get to see lots of glimpses of those beautiful abs and even a nice butt shot. It’s not something you want to miss. Let’s put it this way – any Brad Pitt movie that comes out is going to have lots of his fans lined up to see it because they know that not only will they find a great movie but that there’s a good chance that they will get to see him show some skin!

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He’s Bond: James Bond…and he’s also ridiculously sexy. Once a broke waiter, Daniel Craig is now a well-known British actor who recently starred in Betrayal alongside his real-life wife, Rachel Weisz. Other films where you can find this attractive actor and his piercing blue eyes include Skyfall, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and Dream House. In his earlier days, Craig had parts on well-known television shows like Tales from the Crypt and Covington Cross. These days, he lands impressive roles in top-notch movies and plays.

There’s no doubt about it: Daniel Craig is incredibly hot. His beautiful blue eyes send tingles down your spine each time he gazes at you from the screen, while a set of perfectly chiseled abs and a nice, long cock add to Craig’s appeal. Toned and tan, this alluring actor has the type of body that viewers everywhere long to run their fingers – or tongue – across. His firm ass would feel incredible pressed up against your bare hands, and his muscular arms could hold you down tightly during an intense night of lovemaking. Oh, and those legs…those strong, muscular legs…practically beg to be wrapped around your hips. We’ve got tons of steamy photos of Daniel Craig waiting for you, so kick back, relax, and let your imagination take you to a sexy place with this Hollywood hunk.

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norman reedus

Ok, there have been a lot of zombie movies out lately and some of them have some pretty sexy male leads. I loved Woody Harrelson in Adventures in Zombieland (even if he is getting older) but there is nothing, and I mean nothing that compares to Norman Reedus. That man is just smoking hot. Put that crossbow in his hand, rip the sleeves off his shirt and you’ve got some major fantasy material happening right there. Just the clothed images of him are enough to get me hot and bothered but then you find the naked pictures and – well, let me just say that it has me running for my vibrator!

Did you know that there are some great pictures out there of Norman Reedus naked? I mean, he never gets naked as Daryl Dixon (although we can dream right? I mean, Walking Dead is AMC, not CBS) but he’s had other roles where he’s showed of that muscular chest and even a few where you get to see how fine that ass of his really is. Have you seen his sex on the beach scene in the movie, The Beatnicks? Oh my, that just makes me swoon! You know, it is funny but I never used the word swoon before I discovered Norman Reedus!

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